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L  e      on your         



You know there is
something more you are here to do

You are ready to make
a significant contribution on this Earth

You are ready to align
your success with your Soul’s purpose 

You are ready to live your life
with purpose and passion

You are ready to go beyond your human potential and step into your Soul potential 

You hear the calling
but you don’t know the HOW

“Is this all there is?”

I was you standing in the middle of a successful life asking myself

I understand the calling

If you’re ready to answer your own Soul’s calling let's get started!

As a result, I have had the privilege of coaching 1000’s of clients from all over the world in aligning to their bigger purpose, deepening relationships, creating legacy worthy work, scaleable and life changing contribution, and so much more.

"Is this all there is?" was the spark that changed my life It led me to answer my own Soul’s calling and begin serving in a big way. 

Hi, I’m Kerri Krell

I’m Kerri Krell



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Welcome to
Your Soul’s Work 

what we cover

This is a three day Soul Intensive designed to uncover and maximize your Soul Potential 



what we cover

This program is designed to tap into the power of contribution and to align top resources and talent to Set the World of Fire



what we cover

This program is built to gain clarity and create strategies to help you step into your Greatest Soul’s Potential.



what we cover

This program is built for the high achiever who is ready to catapult their success into their Soul Legacy ™ 



set your        on fire


- victoria branson
personal branding coach

Coaching with Kerri was my best investment, and I highly recommend her to everyone ready for a big transformation in their lives. 

- Paul Amorese

I as a human being have grown and still grow at a level that I couldn’t have possibly imagined without Kerri’s guidance.

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