mastering the art of Soul alignment and reaching your Soul potential.  


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In 2001 I graduated with my Masters in Life, Business and Leadership coaching through JFK University, and in an effort to answer my own soul’s calling I opened Soul Solutions Inc. Prior to launching my company I served as Vice President of an international technology education company. 

I am Kerri Krell  an International Soul Coach.  who has spent the last 20 years mastering the art of Soul alignment and creating programs that help my clients reach their Soul potential.  



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Ultimately by using my own Soul Alignment Blueprint I have created a legacy and impact that I’m proud to call my own

I am also a proud wife and mother to three amazing kids and two beautiful golden retrievers 

As a result of all the awareness alignment and action I am privileged to have served the most amazing Souls from all over the world

The years passed and the calling for more alignment grew lounder. I eventually left my corporate gig, and honed my coaching craft by gaining International recognition as one of the top 1% of coaches globally as a Tony Robbins Results Coach. I served on boards, helped companies align mission with purpose, supported teams in reaching unprecedented goals, spoke on large stages to coaches and clients who were leveling up their craft to serve at higher levels, and appeared on major media outlets like The Oprah Winfrey Show and WB news in Denver.

I loved what I did and I loved aligning and inspiring teams to not only meet the company’s fullest potential, but each person who worked on my team. I watched as my team members grew, gained confidence, found clarity and hidden skill sets that took our team to the top of the organization and ultimately positioned it for a lucrative sale.


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- victoria branson
personal branding coach

Coaching with Kerri was my best investment, and I highly recommend her to everyone ready for a big transformation in their lives. 

- Paul Amorese

I as a human being have grown and still grow at a level that I couldn’t have possibly imagined without Kerri’s guidance.